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Wedding favors have come a long way. Gone are the days of gobs of vibrant tulle and a few scattered candies, replaced by simplicity and elegance in the form of silver plated keepsakes, tempting edibles and the like. In other words, things people really want!

Rich in history, the tradition of unique wedding favors being bestowed upon guests is widely believed to date back many centuries. Although the actual favor has evolved with time, the sentiment remains the same. Simply put, a wedding favor is an expression of gratitude from the betrothed couple to their guests. A gesture of thanks, expressed through a small token or treat, for partaking in their lives and the celebration of their marriage.

Wedding favors have enjoyed tremendous popularity in the past several years, likely because of the high attention paid to every little detail in contemporary wedding planning. Today's weddings are not only a reception, but a mood, a feeling, yes, sometimes even an extravaganza!

There are so many options available in purchasing wedding favors; edible or keepsake, theme or traditional, posh or frugal. The options are nearly infinite and include discount wedding favors in sale and clearance prices convenient for any size budget.

When it comes to choosing your favors, consider how you would like to present them to guests and what, if anything, you would like them to say. Will they be handed out as you bid adieu? A beautifully decorated cookie or box of candies will be a welcome treat for the ride home. Planning something more formal and extravagant? Engraved silver wedding favors such as a key ring or silver wine bottle stopper are great choices.

Wedding favors can do what no other part of the reception can; they provide the last little detail that can bring the whole event together, to carry on the theme, express a sentiment of thanks and to genuinely provide a memory of the couple and the wedding itself.

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