Silicone Nose Up Lifting Shaping Clipper

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• Unit Price: S$7.90

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Attain the sharp and beautiful nose youíve always desired with Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper. Highly popular in Japan, Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper is the alternative to the invasive cosmetic surgery. Eschew the pain and recovery time of cosmetic surgery and get Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper the economical alternative to your problems.

The economical alternative to cosmetic surgery, the Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper is easy and effective. Simply wear it for only 10-15 minutes daily and see the results. Wear it for 3 to 4 months to attain best results. Its reversible silicon pad comes in 2 adjustable sizes for each individualís comfort and fit. To change simply withdraw the silicon pad slowly and change to the other side of the gel. Slip it back and itís ready for usage.

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