Foldable Water Bottle (Angry Birds)

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• Unit Price: S$4.90

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This one type of innovative soft water bottle, folding characteristics make water bottle for various space, more elastic than conventional rigid water bottle. Its also suitable to serve as a hiking water container, usually can hook on backpacks or waist pouch (carabiner attached), fold it and keep in a pocket or bag.  For a hiker, it can be more effective ascending dimensional utilization rate, reduce weight!

1. Ultra-durable BPA-Free polymer
2. Stands like a bottle when fullfolds

3. Folds, rolls or flattens when empty

4. Freeze it, use it as an ice pack, and drink it as it thaws.

5. Writable text area for personalization

6. Carabiner attached

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 May, 2012.

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